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meg + spell-casting

[meg masters appreciation week l special abilities]

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[meg masters appreciation week l favorite quote(s)]

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meg masters appreciation week | day 4 | ↳ favorite relationships

at least we’re living our own lives. and nobody else’s.


"Gold star, sugarpants."

[meg masters appreciation week l meg 2.0]

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"You scared the hell outta me."

[meg masters appreciation week l meg 1.0]


So as I’ve mentioned in the past i’ve been planning on doing a Meg Masters week and its finally arrived. Any fanwork is accepted and i look forward to seeing all your amazing meg creations :)


Day 1 (September 14th) Meg 1.0 Appreciation
Day 2 (September 15th) Meg 2.0 Appreciation
Day 3 (September 16th) Special Abilities
Day 4 (September 17th) Favorite Relationship(s)
Day 5 (September 18th) Favorite Quote(s)
Day 6 (September 19th) Favorite Scene
Day 7 (September 20th) Free Choice

i will be tracking the tag megmastersweek :)
I can’t wait to see all your amazing edits :)